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  QuickBooks Test - General Knowledge
QuickBooks Test - General Knowledge 

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Bookkeeper Test for QuickBooks Accounting Software Users

Tired of Hearing the "I Know QuickBooks" Lie?
For small businesses and accountants alike one of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks is looking for a good bookkeeper. Everyone thinks they can do bookkeeping and every one thinks they know QuickBooks, but most are not very proficient at either! Now you have another alternative to taking their word for it. Our extensive QuickBooks test especially designed for bookkeepers is a way for you to know, by functional area, exactly where they have strengths and weaknesses. It is also a way to re-test your own staff to see how their knowledge is progressing as they continue to use the software on a daily basis. With all the new versions and different ways businesses use QuickBooks, the knowledge some develops is constantly changing over time.

Trying to Find an Objective Way to Choose?
While a test alone should never be relied on to make a hiring decision, it can be one more tool in your arsenal. Used in conjunction with an effective interview process, thorough background screening, and comprehensive reference checks, it can help to provide another way to compare candidates. The questions themselves are presented in such a way as to require the application of knowledge, not just fact recall. We feel it is more important that the candidate can think through the scenario to develop a solution rather than just regurgitate tidbits of information. This often translates into lower test results than what you might expect. This is also why we feel it important to provide the results by functional area so the determination can be made based on the job they will be performing which areas of the test will be critical.

Through my work with hundreds of clients and thousands of accountants, I came to recognize a serious problem common to so many of their businesses… Finding and evaluating bookkeepers is a real challenge. In fact, we had a staff of 12 bookkeepers so we understand your pain first hand. We have since discontinued offering those services to focus on supporting the Accountants and their clients who use QuickBooks, but as part of that process we have been hearing a request for an effective solution. For this reason I have taken my years of experience as a CPA, Controller and QuickBooks Consultant to develop an assessment to test for many of the common issues I have seen. Note that this does not test on basic bookkeeping knowledge, only specific QuickBooks skills.

The functional areas are:
- General QuickBooks Knowledge
- Banking

How it Works
This is an on-line test, so we strongly recommend that you proctor the exam yourself. There are about 25 questions, so you can anticipate that it will take an hour for the participant to complete it. In fact, the test is timed to expire in 60 minutes. To begin, you process the order via the links below and you will immediately receive an e-mail with a link to the key Management page. At that point, login to assign a test to a specific participant so they can log in to complete the test. At the conclusion of the exam, the results will appear by each of the two functional areas on the screen and will be e-mailed to the purchaser of the test.

Please note, this test is hard! We have had a few people who have scored high, but the average score is about 60%.

The key codes will be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Price: $5.00

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