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QuickBooks Tips & Tricks - Open Purchase Order by Job Enhancement

  QuickBooks Tips & Tricks - Open Purchase Order by Job Enhancement
QuickBooks Tips & Tricks - Open Purchase Order by Job Enhancement
Issue 6.11
April 27, 2007

The Purchase Order reports have long been on our wish list and finally, with 2007, one small step forward has been made.

The Open Purchase Order Report still shows only the original purchase order amount without any adjustment for what has been received.

The Purchase Order by Job report has traditionally been somewhat better (assuming each purchase order is assigned to a customer:job to be included on the report) since the original quantity and the received quantity are both visible. The dollar balance on report is the extended amount for the items included on the purchase order, not the received amount. Now with version 2007, however, it is possible add the column for the open balance. The result is a report that shows the amount still remaining to be received against the purchase order.

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